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Experience your dream car...

Delve deep into a massive collection of auto parts and car accessories from various resellers and custom tune your dream car in 2D or AR mode!


Hundreds of Car Tuning Options

Your favorite real-life car on your device’s 2D mode or a life-size virtual representation of your dream car? What’s it gonna be? A 2D car tuning experience or a fully interactive car building and customizing experience in augmented reality?

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Dig through an overwhelming car models and car accessories collection, make your selections, add them to your shopping cart, use them to fine-tune your dream car and... show off the result to your friends.

  • Give your selected car a jaw-dropping makeover scanning through a seemingly endless list of car accessories from various resellers.
  • Dig through jam-packed collections of car manufacturers, car models, car accessories, accessory sizes, colors, materials.
  • Get creative and unleash your imagination and your passion for custom cars as you stand out as car designer.

Get the RideSuit App Now

Download the RideSuit app and enjoy your 2D car customizing/virtual car building & tuning experience on Android or iOS.


Configure Your
Dream Car in 2D or AR

Take your dream car out of your fantasy and experience its life-size, virtual representation right in your... living room! Fully immerse yourself in the experience as you put it together and customize it to your liking, exploring your car designing skills!

  • An augmented reality car app developed in ARKit that challenges you to walk into the shoes of a virtual car design engineer.
  • Hundreds of car tuning options, available from various car accessory resellers: hoods, bumpers, car paint colors, rims…
  • Fuel your imagination and your passion for supercars as you scan through and mix and match different components and car accessories.

Our Price

Engage in a free of charge car tuning session and unleash your full potential as a car design engineer! Then, seize the chance to… show off the result to your friends!



Design your dream car enjoying an addictive car tuning experience with no price tag on

  • Massive selection of car models
  • Hundreds of car accessories
  • Various car manufacturers & years of manufacture
  • 2D and/or AR browser mode
  • "Save and share" the result
  • Hundreds of car accessory color, size and material options

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Any questions, suggestions or objections? Did something go wrong while experiencing the car tuning session in RideSuit? Or is there a missing car model/car accessory that you’d like us to add? Just fill in the contact form here below and... get in touch with us!

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